Read a book from the library: https://library.lcsd2.org/svhs/



Purdue Online Writing Lab: https://owl.purdue.edu/owl/purdue_owl.html (Please review sections listed below for writing tips and guidelines.)

  • General Writing
    • Invention: Starting the Writing Process
    •  Prewriting
    • Writer’s Block
    • Creating a Thesis Statement
    • Developing an Outline
    • Proofreading
  • Academic Writing
    • Strategies for Fair Use
    • Quoting, Paraphrasing, and Summarizing
    • Avoiding Plagiarism
  • Research and Citation 
    • Conducting Research
    • Using Research
    • MLA Style

English IV Resources


Course Name: English IV 

Teacher Name: Sam Call

Resource & Directions for login if necessary:

  • https://newsela.com/quickjoin/#/4EH2D4 (This is a link to join a group for our class wherein I will load articles I think you might find interesting; you will need to create an account - I recommend using your Canvas login information for your username and password or another school appropriate combo that you will easily remember).
  • https://www.commonlit.org/ (lots of great articles and literary texts organized by grade level - browse and read what you’re interested in and use comprehension questions to test your understanding. I chose not to create a class group for us on this site, so choose whatever you’re interested in and enjoy!)