Social Emotional

Social Emotional Learning Resources

Curated by LCSD2 Psychologist / Counselors


On this website you will find the opportunity to join a live mindfulness class for kids! They do fill up fast, so you can also watch the recorded classes by scrolling down mid-way through the page. Use this page to learn about what mindfulness is and practice with the entire family.

Science-based practices for a meaningful life, curated by the Greater Good Science Center at UC Berkeley.

Select the category SEL and mindfulness for some interactive calming activities

How mindfulness can help during COVID-19--article from, an excellent website for parents.

Growth Mindset

Big Life Journal
This website provides a free podcast for kids. There are a variety of topics including mindfulness and growth mindset.

This website has videos to explain the growth mindset to children.

This website has many resources for parents. This link has Growth Mindset activities for kids that parents can download.

Behavioral & Parenting Support

Empowering Parents offers online learning programs, parent coaching, and free articles.

When a child is struggling, the whole family is affected. At the Child Mind Institute we want to help you make good decisions for your kids and navigate the challenges of parenting. We explore the concerns and challenges we hear about most from parents and provide expert guidance on how to respond in the most effective way. And if you have a child who needs support, we offer resources that can help you get the best care for that child and the best outcome for your family.

Free resources for parents who are struggling with kid challenges from an excellent website:


We love cat videos and carpool karaoke just as much as the next guy. But these YouTube videos can help kids with ADHD learn to decode non-verbal information and grasp the feelings underlying social relationships.

Supporting parents and kids during Covid-19

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on how to manage stress and anxiety. is a great site to help parents with social/emotional learning (SEL) and specifically for parents to help their children deal with the current issue of covid19.

National Association of School Psychologists guidelines for parents on how to talk to children about covid-19. is a great site to help parents with many issues. This link is specific for parents to help their kids deal with this current issue.

This article from PBS is aimed towards parents to help their children.

Anxiety about Coronavirus. This link from GoZen contains several podcasts about how to talk to kids about coronavirus and help them deal with anxiety about it.

Tips for Caregivers and Parents during infectious disease outbreaks from Substance Abuse and Mental Health Administration.


The 5 best podcasts for kids that parents can enjoy with them. This is from, an excellent website for parents who are dealing with challenges.

Self-compassion mindfulness

These are multiple guided mindfulness exercises aimed at helping with self-compassion to increase resilience

Support Teens and Young Adults During the Coronavirus Crisis

An excellent article from, a superior site to help parents with many kid and teen issues.