Speech Language Pathology Middle and High School

Speech Language Pathology Middle and High School


Books, magazines, online articles

Read out loud with emphasis on
the target speech sound.


Select an article of interest, make
a list of unfamiliar vocabulary,
write down the main idea and list

Have your student plan a trip to
anywhere in the world.

Critical thinking skills: planning,
organization, details, vocabulary,
costs associated with the trip.

Language: asking and answering
questions, share what they
learned from their planning with


Games: Taboo, Pictionary, Would You
Rather, any game you have that
promotes turn taking and social
language skills

Turn taking, conversation skills, and picking up on
social cues.


This is the Stuttering Foundation's
main website with great
information for children and adults
who stutter. There is a tab at the
top “Just for Kids” that has links for
stories, information/podcasts from
famous people who stutter, and a
lot of other great information that
would make for great discussion
topics and help with the
psychological aspect of stuttering.