To access smart music:

Students will be receiving an e mail from their orchestra or band teacher with a link to activate an account. This link will only work on a chrome browser (you can download Chrome on any type of computer and any android device). There is no way to make it work on an ipad or iphone.

Once students are registered they can access their class on any computer or the "New Smart Music" app on any device (including ipad or iphone).

Students can browse the library of available music to try or participate in the learning opportunity posted for their class.

The built in Ipad mics seem to work pretty well - if you are using a computer your sound will register much more accurately with a microphone plugged in.

Effective practice

Immediate feedback

Students see which notes and rhythms they played correctly/incorrectly, receive a performance score, and hear their recording.

Repertoire library

150+ method books, 5,400+ ensemble titles and thousands of solos from top publishers. Create an account to search the library.

Practice tools

A metronome, tuner, and the ability to loop sections are built in and always close at hand.

Communication loop

Both teachers and students can see each others’ written comments on every assignment and student recording.